'Smart Success PT LIVE 2020'
'Smart Success PT LIVE 2020'
Join The Fastest Growing Event For Healthcare Entrepreneurs In the World And Find Your Path To Career Freedom
May 22nd - 25th, 2020 Orlando Florida 
May 22nd - 25th, 2020 Orlando Florida 
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Hang out with Greg Todd and 1,000+ INCREDIBLE 
Healthcare Entrepreneurs and Students at this year's SSPT Live
Hang out with Greg Todd and 1,000+ INCREDIBLE 
Healthcare Entrepreneurs and Students at this year's SSPT Live
Join 1,000+ Other Forward Thinking, Successful Physical Therapists and Healthcare Entrepreneurs
The purpose of this event is simple...

Learn the frameworks proven to generate career and financial freedom.

I've spent THOUSANDS of hours (Yes, I've actually kept track) JUST coaching physical therapists how to transition from working tirelessly to achieve someone else's dream...

To building their own. 

Much of what you'll learn is the exact opposite of what traditional Healthcare Companies and the Government want you to believe.

If you're a PT, OT, Nurse, Speech Therapist or a healthcare entrepreneur, this is the only conference to attend in 2020!
Orlando World Center Marriott 
Orlando, Florida
Memorial Day Weekend
May 22-25th, 2020
Where It All Began
Join Us On Our Journey Through The AMAZING History Of Smart Success PT LIVE!
Where It All Began
Join Us On Our Journey Through The AMAZING History Of Smart Success PT LIVE!
2017 SSPT Clearwater Beach, FL
2017 SSPT Clearwater Beach, FL
Looking Back, I Was Absolutely Terrified...
Looking back I was beyond nervous hosting my first live event...

Before SSPT LIVE, the only thing I had ever hosted was my High School Reunion.

What if nobody showed up?

In my head I could see the VISION of what I wanted Smart Success PT LIVE to be...

The launching point for healthcare professionals to build their dream careers and achieve financial freedom.

I knew we could change lives forever if I could just get people in the seats...
That first year, we sold 70 tickets (looking back, 70 seems so small, but at the time I was ecstatic!)

Originally the event was only intended for my 25 students that had become family to me...

Then my students started talking and it grew to 30... 43... 50 all the way up to 70! All because people couldn't stop talking about it.

I didn't have any fancy lighting or even a stage. All I had was my vision for what SSPT could become...

A place with enough ENERGY and like-minded people to change physical therapy and healthcare forever.

70 people invested their hard earned money (and sacrificed their time with family) to fly to Clearwater Beach, and spend 2 days learning how to start or improve their physical therapy careers.
Would they like it? - Would they have fun? - Would they think it's 'worth it?'
I was terrified that it would turn into every other healthcare conference I had been to...

Stuffy conference rooms, boring speakers, and definitely no life transformations. (Those conferences were mind-numbing, and I didn't want people to be bored).

Sound familiar?

I wanted people to be so hyped for the material that they forgot that they are sitting in paradise only a 100 yards from the ocean.

I invited my friends Aaron Lebauer and Paul Gough who I knew were exciting speakers with high-energy that wouldn't hold anything back and drop some serious knowledge.

I brought them in to help bring that contagious, special energy that has the power to change careers and lives!
I Wanted It To Feel Somewhere Between A Family Reunion and A Music Festival...
The day finally came and my nerves were SURGING throughout my body...

As I walked to the conference room my palms were caked in sweat. 

I'm still not sure if I was more nervous or excited that the day was finally here.

I arrived in the conference room that morning and was greeted by 70 familiar screaming faces.

I had never experienced anything like it. As I scanned the crowd I recognized EVERYBODY. The entire online PT community was there.

People were hugging and laughing together as if they had been friends for their entire lives.

That's when I realized what SSPT Live was.
We Were Building The Future of Healthcare By Building A Family
People who who were strangers only a few days ago had become like a family. 

Instantly bonded for life over the desire to achieve something greater than what PT School had promised them.

After everyone had told them, "It can't be done that way" or "That will never work", they finally had the permission and formulas needed to build the career and business of their dreams.

We had unlocked something...

And there was no stopping it now.

The entire room was flooded with energy

People were laughing and screaming.  I even spotted tears of joy as people discovered that they weren't alone. 

No, You're NOT crazy...
It IS Okay To Want More For Yourself And Your Family In Healthcare...
...There IS a better path for not only your career but your life!


And I've helped a MASSIVE number of my students do the same.

I'll never forget what Paul Gough said to me after the event...

"Do you know what you just did?! You just did it. You did what couldn’t be done."

We had started a movement of change in healthcare.

An event comprised solely of healthcare entrepreneurs willing to take necessary action to evolve themselves and the industry.

And now that they saw, believed, and envisioned their new path...

We did the only thing we could do with the time we had left together.

My 70 new family members and I celebrated.
2018 SSPT Clearwater Beach, FL
2018 SSPT Clearwater Beach, FL
SSPT 2018 We Blew The Lid Off
News of the first SSPT LIVE success and the idea that clinicians can start their own businesses and thrive in the entrepreneurial world spread like wildfire.

I was both thrilled and terrified of what we had accomplished in 2017.

Clinicians were beginning to start their own mini-movements that were helping improve lives by the thousands.

I knew that we had to grow SSPT LIVE in 2018...

So I listened to my heart and began searching for a venue that had more space.
We ended up booking the large conference room at the Wyndham Grand Hotel in Clearwater Beach that was twice the size of last years.

I wanted to find a place away from the distractions of life, where PTs and entrepreneurs could focus on leveling up for 3 days straight...

After seeing the impact of SSPT LIVE 2017, I knew I had an obligation to get as many people as possible to this event.

So my team and I set the goal of changing 200 Lives at SSPT 2018...

More than double from last years.

Despite SSPT 2017's success, I was terrified we wouldn't be able to fill all the seats.

Was I getting ahead of myself and biting off more than I could chew?

Could we actually sell 200 tickets? And if so, would people actually show up?

Even after the success of 2017, those nerves still haunted me...

But we did it! We more than doubled our admissions from 2017 and even exceeded our goal of 200! 

The second I walked in I was greeted by 200 raging, PTs, students, business owners, entrepreneurs and healthcare providers who wanted to take their careers and lives changed me forever...
2019 SSPT Clearwater Beach, FL
2019 SSPT Clearwater Beach, FL
2019 Was Nothing Short Of AMAZING!
BOOM! We did it again. SSPT2019 was more than double the size of 2018 with over 512 PTs and healthcare entrepreneurs! (That's 302 more attendees than the previous year).

People were all in now.

People Were Starting To Reap The Fruits Of Their Labors...
Over the last two years we've shown over 200 healthcare entrepreneurs just like you the path they've been searching to gain financial freedom, take back control of their time, and to bring their career to the next level.

SSPT LIVE 2017 we set out to prove that any physical therapist is only a few small business decisions away from going from working tirelessly building someone else's dreams, to building their own.

In 2018,  we launched a viral movement of clinicians that dreamt for more than what the establishment and the taditional career paths wanted for them...

In 2019, SSPT became the fastest growing group of healthcare entrepreneurs on the planet...

At an unprecedented rate, clinicians were now finding their path to freedom.

We Added 20 New Speakers
Clinicians and the industry as a whole were evolving...

And I wanted to prove it.

So I asked our top members to come share their stories.

Business owners, providers and students who only a year ago were in the exact same position as you.

Burnt out, tired and wondering if there was more...

People like, Tracy Sher, Alex Engar, Will Boyd, Christine Walker, Josh Payne, Chanelle Yoder and so many more.

I brought them in to help you see...

See that there is an endless world of opportunity for healthcare entrepreneurs.

A world where you're 100% in control of your time, money and freedom.

Become UNSTUCK  In Your Career And Discover The Path To Career FREEDOM!
Become UNSTUCK  In Your Career And Discover The Path To Career FREEDOM!
See What Others Are Saying
See What Others Are Saying
Smart Success PT LIVE Event FAQ
What Are The Dates For "Smart Success PT LIVE 2020"?
The event begins the morning of May 22nd and runs through May 25th. Fly in Friday morning/afternoon. You don’t want to miss our first meet up Friday evening! We finish at 1 pm Monday so plan on leaving Monday evening.
 Where Is The Venue For The Event?
The event is in the beautiful Orlando, Florida area at the Orlando World Center Marriott.
 I'm Trying To Book My Travel. What Times Do I Need To Know About?
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 Can Anyone Attend This Event?
Absolutely. If you are a PT, OT, Nurse, Speech Therapist, or healthcare entrepreneur this is the ONLY conference to attend in 2020.
 Can I Get A Refund If I Can't Attend?
No, we do not give refunds for this conference. However, you are able to give your ticket to someone else or you can save it and use it for SSPT Live 2021.
 Where Should I Stay?
Our recommendation is to stay at the Orlando World Center Marriott so that you can be close to the event and all the happenings. It is where the majority of people are staying and will be the best opportunity for you to network with others. You can book your stay here. 
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